Rich Text

The Rich Text application in CryptPad is an integration of CKEditor.



Tools: Show/hide the text editor toolbar.

Insert: Add an image to the document. The image can be chosen in the CrpytDrive or uploaded. Logged in users

Outline: Show/hide the clickable table of contents to the left of the document.


File > Import
Supported formats: .html.
File > Export
Supported formats: .html, .doc.

To print or export a PDF:

  1. File > Print.

  2. Select your printer or “print to file”.


To comment on a part of the text:

  1. Select the text to comment.

  2. button, either to the right of the text or in the text editor toolbar.

  3. Write the comment.

  4. Submit.

Click on a comment to select it, then:

  • Reply: Adds a comment as a response.

  • Resolve: Deletes the comment after confirmation.

To notify contacts in a comment, mention them with @ and their display name.

You receive notifications when:

  • Someone replies to one of your comments.

  • Someone mentions you in a comment.