Code / Markdown

The Code/Markdown application in CryptPad is an integration of CodeMirror.



Tools: Show/hide the text editor toolbar.

Insert: Add an image to the document. The image can be chosen in the CrpytDrive or uploaded. Logged in users

Theme: Set colors for the editor, detailed below.

Preview: Show/hide the Markdown preview pane.


Color by author: Highlight the text written by each user with their cursor color (picked in user settings). When active:

  • Hide author colors to turn off the display of colors in this window, the colors can be turned back on and remain active for other users.

  • Color by author > Clear and disable to turn off the colors for all users and delete the data.

Theme: Color scheme used in the code editor pane.

Language: Used for syntax highlighting.


File > Import.
Supported formats: Any plain text file, the file extension is used to determine the language.
File > Export.
Supported formats: .md, any other extension can be typed for the name of the exported file.


The Code application is particularly suited for writing documents in Markdown: a lightweight syntax that offers basic formatting while remaining readable. Markdown is readily converted to other formats such as HTML.

For examples of Markdown syntax in CryptPad please see:

Markdown Guide: Basic Syntax

Additionally to basic Markdown syntax, the following features are also available:

  • [TOC] Inserts a table of contents.

  • Todo list

    • - [ ] task for a task to do: task.

    • - [x] task for a completed task: task.

As well as the following extensions:

To use an extension, name it as syntax for a Markdown code block, for example:

``` mermaid
   <!-- your mermaid code -->

for detailed examples of the extensions in use please see:

Markdown Guide: Extensions


It is strongly advised not to insert external images in documents. The Markdown syntax ![description]( is supported but presents security risks. Malicious code can be hidden in images and result in data leakage.

For this reason, CryptPad makes use of media-tag to insert images from the CryptDrive. This syntax is more complex but it is managed automatically by the Insert menu.